Thursday, September 13, 2012

Stripping Paint

Stripping paint is sometimes the easiest way to get down to the raw wood. Plus, it does all the work for you! On detailed edges, applying stripper is easy. Use a natural bristle brush, and I recommend CitriStrip as it's non-toxic and far safer than a lot on the market, and I think it works wonderfully! 

Sometimes it's necessary to apply a couple coats. Take your time with it and be patient. The longer the wait, the easier it is to scrape off! I use a 4 inch metal scraper as well. plastic works well, too, especially on softer woods. This dresser below is walnut and super hard, so no problems here!

Use a rag with a little denatured alcohol to wipe away the excess stripper, especially on the corners. In the end it should look like this!

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