Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Coral Colored Madness

All of these pieces were all quite ordinary and nothing special.  Adding a pop of color to a piece really adds a lot to it and makes it more unique.  The coffee table and the desk/table were especially hard to look at before I sprayed them.  I pictured the desk/table in a super cute craft room or something.

Coffee Table:
This had a badly painted black top with cool iron legs.  I just taped off the legs and sprayed the top with both the coral color and a sealant since coffee table tops will get a lot of wear and tear.  The contrasting colors really makes the coral pop.

This is a wooden desk that is well built with great drawers but it was in used/abused condition.  I sprayed the desk with both the coral color and a sealant and I changed out all of the hardware.  It is super cute and compact.

Desk/ Craft Table
I am unsure as to what this table is "supposed" to be used for but initially it was a two tone, fake wood on top, table.  Spraying it all one color and sealing it made it more useable in many different spaces.  

Dresser with Mirror redo

This dresser was just one of those plain pieces but it came with a large mirror.  There was a few intricacies in the drawers that ended up looking really cool with a little antiquing and shabby chic'ing.  I had initially wanted to just spray it white to give it a clean look but I ended up distressing it and creating something different then I set out to create.