Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Waterfall Desk

This piece needed some structural help and a lot of love but it turned out nicely. The hardware is original which surprisingly complimented the antique white paint well. I think it still has a very antique feminine look even though it is not petite.

The Serpentine Dresser

I have redone antique dressers before but I was drawn to this piece because of all its curves and lines. It was a hot mess when I bought it, but there is nothing a good primer and antique white paint can't fix. There were a few scratches I had to fill using wood filler but other then that it was in good shape. I put on new hardware to liven it up a little.


Rusty Daze

I seem to have a plethora of Queen Anne style furniture right now. I decided to keep it simple with these ones by painting them a simple rust color. When I went to open the can of paint, there was a lot of pressure in that can, let's just say I'm wearing rust, too. Fun color to paint with, though, so rich and luxurious!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Provincial Table

I really wasn't sure what I was doing when I started painting this table. My art degree was tested. I kept asking my husband if I was 'helping' or 'hurting' it. I think in the end it turned out well, but will definitely appeal to a narrower audience. I do have French Provincial customers, though, and it's a good market!

Originally the table was painted a horrid high-gloss black that was chipping. I primed over the black . . . liberally, and painted it antique white. I then painted the top in a mildly darker beige, made the edge gold, and hand-antiqued with brown and black, as I was antiquing some of the paint rubbed and made a neat 'inked' design I really liked. It's like a shabby chic French Provincial. I like it!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Dining Set

This was my first time redoing a dining set, and it took forever.  The weather outside didn't help either.  I acquired these gorgeous chairs and looked a long time for a table to match with them.  The chairs have so much character that I wanted a very plain table to go with them, and I think I found a winner.  This table comes with one leaf and without it is a perfect square.  I love a walnut stain matched with an antique white paint.  The only thing i would change is I would find a piano bench that would fit the piece nicely, but for my first table redo I am pleased.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hope for Hope Chest

I was very elated when this gorgeous chest showed up on my doorstep. A client brought it by for me when he found he didn't have the time to finish it himself. The green paint that was on it was already partially stripped, and the lid disconnected. at first I could not determine what the detail on the front was made of and I almost assumed it was rusted metal, you'd be surprised to know it ended up being Birds Eye Maple! Some hand painting and antiquing was all it took to make this once hopeless hope chest desirable once again!