Thursday, August 16, 2012

Old Green Dresser Incident



Bargain basement price at a moving sale.


With some sanding, a coat of primer, a coat of semi-gloss light grey, and some glazing with black, the dresser is complete!


This beauty was bought by a local man who will transform it into a double bathroom vanity, brilliant!


  1. Hi! It's the wine-rack Emily here! I have a dreser I want to paint, and I like what you did here. Do you mind sharing how you use the black glaze? Is it another complete coat, or do you apply it strategically, like if you were sanding it?

    1. Hi Emily!!
      Glazing is simple. You have to buy a glazing liquid and a little black paint. I found that Ace (tri-state) has the best price on the glazing liquid. It comes in a gallon size and is called "Artistic Finishes: Latex Glazing Liquid". Once you get the glaze and black paint, mix 1/4 cup black paint to 1 cup glazing liquid. WEAR GLOVES! it stains your hands. Aside from that, here is a link to a great tutorial I use:

      she really has the best tutorial. Sand out any scratches you don't like, also. Glazing is super easy, and far more approachable than it sounds!!!