Thursday, August 30, 2012

Beachy-keen Accent Table


This was an old sewing table that had a bubbled up top that refused to be sanded down. So I put a new top on it and painted it a greeny blue to keep with the beachy theme.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

THE loveseat


Got this guy from a gal who wanted an old wooden loveseat because it reminded her of her grandmother . . . I wonder if this would still do the trick! New upholstery and a snappy pop of color, not to mention new paint! Love it!

Oval Is The New Round


Abby and I have come across a coupled of these tables lately, and I have to say I love them! They're so cute, so different. You don't find many oval tables these days, especially good ones!

Little White Table


It seems these tables are a dime a dozen, but they never get old. Most of the time you find them and their laminate, in horrid condition, or already painted by some other person who quite frankly did a shotty job. Luckily, I found a solid wood one in great condition. A little shabby chic magic and ta da!

Dresser Redo


 This was the first furniture redo that i have done for my house.  We really needed an update on our entertainment center and i wanted something with a little more character.  This Dresser was exactly what i was looking for.  It is real wood, but it was missing drawer pulls and had a few deep scratches in the top.  We took out one of the drawers and put in a shelf to make it a little more conducive to all the electronics and their cords.  I decided to strip the top of the finish (thank you Abby J. for your pointers), then i stained it with a walnut stain.  i finished the bottom with an antique white color.

I decided to change out the hardware to add a little more character to it, and finally got around to staging it.

Now I just have to work on hiding all those cords!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Distressed Coffee Table


This coffee table is a shabby mix between polished and...not. I used verathane on the top and an ivory spray paint on the legs. Then I took sandpaper and made it beautiful.

Jade Glass Top End Tables


These end tables great potential so I sanded, primed, and painted them. Then once all was dry I got to sanding. What I look for on items that I am going to shabby chic is curvy lines and lots of detail. These were prime for both of those. so I sanded all the different lines on them and they turned out lovely.

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Yellow Desk




This is a true antique, but there was a deep scratch that was never going to be sanded out. I had no choice but to paint it, darn! hehe. FOr this piece I antiqued it two ways: A light brown glaze, and sandpaper. I love the way the paint fades to white primer, then brown wood! This turned out so well!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Little Pink Chair


This is a Stradivaro sewing chair with storage under the seat. The cute little lady I bought it from used it in her garden to store dried herbs. I'm glad I saved it before the weather got the better of her. I painted this pink as it goes well with the pink youth desk I finished this week. The set together is a-MAZ-ing.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Stop Your Wine-ing?


Simple little wine rack, all grown up! White base, glazed lightly with turquoise, so it's sorta mint, then glazed more deeply with black! Serving tray comes off to share that wine with friends (or not, best to drink it all yourself!).

Don't Be Square . . . Be Round!


This was a fun table to antique. My husband didn't want to let it go, but alas, I have to remind him that our decor is 'modern' and this simply would not go!

The Country Dinner


Just look at that patterning! Almost makes your heart skip a beat! Beautiful in dark walnut.

All finished it almost makes me not want to let it go! It used to be peachy in color, all over, icky icky. Got it from an exchange student in town, just needed some love!!

Chairs are fun, kept with country with the stripes!

The legs were the best part!

One Hot Desk


Who doesn't love hot pink?
This desk is about three inches shorter than your average desk. Therefore, I have listed it as a 'Youth Desk'. It would also be good as a statement piece, but I think a little girl is gonna LOVE it!

Refinished the top from a honey yellow to a deep walnut, aged with black glazing on the edges.

Came with good handles, just hit them with black spray paint. I was worried the black wouldn't work with the wood, but in the end I think it looks wonderful!!