Now Accepting Commissions!

It's Distressing is now accepting commissions! Do you have a piece of furniture you'd like to have redone? We're here to help! Turn that old, scratched dresser into a gem, or that ratty chair into a throne! With skilled hands, Abby J. will sand, prime and paint your way to domesticated bliss!

The Details:
  • $10 an hour plus supplies such as cost of paint, sandpaper, or other necessary items.
  • Paint is sprayed onto piece, leaving a smooth, lustrous finish in any color you wish!
  • Piece is sealed using a clear acrylic.
  • Email if interested, include a detailed idea plan for your piece and images if you wish!

Please take a moment to review my policies:
  • It's Distresing will not accept any returns or exchanges. Cash only upon completion of piece.
  • It's Distressing will not be responsible for pick up or delivery of any furnitures, or loading and unloading. Upon delivery, it is up to the client to have man power on site to help unload merchandise.
  • All furnitures will be inspected upon delivery, flaws noted and brought to attention of the owner. A plan will be put in place to remedy the flaws to the best of artists ability unless flaws are to become an artistic element. 
  • It's Distressing is not responsible for any damage to item after it has been delivered, and all efforts will be made to keep furnitures in a location with the least possibility for damage.
  • Custom orders must be e-mailed to with detailed instructions on color, finish, and degree of distressing. We will not re-do any custom orders if we have followed instructions. If the client is not satisfied with the finished product, we will re-do it for an extra charge 50% the total price.
  • It's Distressing will make an honest effort to produce a beautiful & well functioning commissioned product.  However,  small imperfections can, and most likely will, exist due to the nature of vintage & antique furniture. Owner should understand and accept this before requesting a commissioned piece.
Thank You, and Let's Start Antiquing!

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