Tuesday, September 18, 2012

All Wrapped and Ready

Sometimes it's necessary to take the time to mask your piece. Abby and I do a lot of two-tone pieces, and it's that little bit of detail that can make something that was once a junky, free piece off the side of the road into a fun, colorful piece for your entry. 

What You Need:

Masking Paper: Comes in lots of sizes!

Masking Tape, or Painter's Tape

How to Apply:

I like to lay out a length of the masking paper, and then an equal length of masking tape. I stick the tape to the paper so that half the tape (lengthwise) is stuck to the paper, and the other half is free and ready to be stuck to the furniture. This makes one, long masking piece as you can see here with the top of this dresser. I stuck it to the underside of the top and repeated all the way around. In the end I covered the rest with a giant sheet of masking paper and tucked it under the edges.

Take your time! You don't want overspray, or overpaint, where you don't want it!!

The Result:

Clean lines, and an expert look!

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